Term of Service

We sincerely invite you to be an author of Mnovel. When you register as an author of Mnovel, you are deemed to have read and agreed to all the terms of this protocol and be bound by the protocol (The boldface is relevant to the exercise and waiver of your rights. Please pay attention to it). Mnovel has the right to modify and improve the protocol according to the legal requirements and the needs of its operation. If you do not agree with the revised protocol terms, please stop using Mnovel. If you continue to use the service, you agree and voluntarily abide by the revised registration agreement. The terms of the protocol are as follows:

I. Registration

1. When you apply for registration, you must provide accurate personal information to Mnovel. If there is any change in your personal information, you must update it in time, otherwise Mnovel has the right to suspend or refuse to provide services for you. If services are not available due to inaccurate information provided, Mnovel will not bear any responsibility.

2. The author information such as your pen name and personal introduction provided must not contain contents and words that violate national laws and regulations, regulatory documents, social morality, and this website, otherwise Mnovel has the right to delete them, including the author’s account, at any time without notice.

3. You have the obligation to properly keep your author account and password, and take legal responsibility for all activities and actions performed by your account. You fully understand and agree that any leakage or loss of your account password caused by your own fault (including but not limited to account transfer, sharing with others, negligent disclosure, etc.) or by the computer you used is infected with a virus or Trojan horse, and by any reason other than Mnovel, the consequences of the losses are borne by you, and Mnovel does not assume any legal responsibility.

4. If you are under the age of 18, you must obtain the consent of your guardian before using Mnovel.

5. The contact information provided by you on this site (including email) is deemed to be a valid contact method, and the notices and documents sent to you by Mnovel are deemed to be served.

II. Uploading

1. You should submit, upload or publish your work in strict accordance with the rules, instructions, procedures, etc. published and instructed on this website, and be willing to be bound by it.

2. Mnovel only provides authors with upload space services for original works. Authors must upload their original works, and please do not infringe others’ intellectual property rights and related rights. Reprinting and plagiarism are strictly prohibited, and the violators shall bear their own liability. If any loss is caused to us and related parties, you shall be responsible for the compensation.

3. If the Mnovel cannot fully monitor the contents of all works uploaded by the authors on this website, Mnovel is not responsible for illegal reprinting and piracy. Where users of Mnovel reprint works on the Mnovel website without the author’s permission, Mnovel is not responsible for the user’s reprinting behavior, but once found, Mnovel is responsible for removing pirated and illegally reprinted works, stopping continued dissemination, and assisting creators to clamp down on the piracy activities. And once this website verifies that the work is a non-original work or any work that may be suspected of infringing the copyright of others, Mnovel has the right to investigate it according to relevant regulations. Liability for all consequences of such works rests with the registered author. Mnovel has the right to delete the author's account and all works published under its account without notice.

4. Mnovel has the obligation to assist in providing the registration information of the infringer in accordance with legal requirements or the judicial department.

5. When authors of Mnovel publish or upload the contents of their works, they should abide by the following rules, and their works must not include the following.

(1) Any content that violates national unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security:

ㆍ Endanger national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity;

ㆍ Endanger national security, honor and interests;

ㆍ Leaking state secrets;

ㆍ Incite ethnic divisions and undermine national unity.

(2) Content that undermines reputation and violates privacy:

ㆍ Content that slanders individuals or groups or spreads false rumors, etc.;

ㆍ Content that insults the characters of some people with vulgar and abusive words or expressions;

ㆍ Disclosure of personal information without the informed consent.

(3) Obscene and violent content:

ㆍ Excessive body part exposure that is harmful to minors;

ㆍ Direct sexual description;

ㆍ Specific and realistic descriptions and beautification of sexual crimes, including violations of socially recognized moral behavior, such as incest, sedition, and forced sexual intercourse;

ㆍ Explicit pornographic conversation or search for sexual objects and sexual transactions;

ㆍ Promotion or dissemination of obscene information;

ㆍ Posting pornographic websites or pornographic materials;

ㆍ Inflaming of violent content.

(4) Fueling fluke psychology and publishing commercial content:

ㆍ Contents of money transaction or intermediary transaction;

ㆍ Encouraging and promoting illegal business;

ㆍ Publishing business-related content for specific company or personal interests;

ㆍ Introduction, inducement, encouragement, and beautification of other illegal businesses.

(5) Antisocial content:

ㆍ Contents that beautifies, induces, and promotes crime;

ㆍ Content that degrades or condemns a particular class or religion;

ㆍ Beautifying, inducing, encouraging, and disseminating racist content;

ㆍ Entrusting the killing or persuading, encouraging, and disseminating the content of this act;

ㆍ Description or dissemination of scenes of executions, corpses, etc. that cause general disgust;

ㆍ Content that beautifies, solicits, and encourages violence against women and children;

ㆍ Content that promotes superstition or non-scientific attitudes to life;

ㆍ Beautifies, solicits, encourages, and disseminates terrorism.

(6) Other inappropriate contents:

ㆍ Uploading content that does not conform to the nature of the service, or uploading the same content repeatedly;

ㆍ Situations that Mnovel judges are non-story graphics or that interfere with fair competition in services;

ㆍ Personal derogation, criticism, personal attacks;

ㆍ Posting illegal data prohibited by law;

ㆍ Dissemination of computer viruses, etc. that cause inconvenience to service users or hinder service operation;

ㆍ Violation of other laws and regulations and public order and good customs, or content that is not suitable for post online.

Mnovel has the right not to publish works that contain or are suspected of containing the above-mentioned illegal content, or to delete such works from the website without further notice, and have the right to immediately and unconditionally delete registered author accounts and those published or uploaded under that account.

6.Mnovel does not recommend you to write at the expanse of suspension of schooling, quitting of jobs or other behaviors that may affect your study, and work life before you get a stable manuscript income.

III. The work authorization

1. In principle, the name of any work uploaded, published or published on this website shall not be changed. Mnovel has the right to distribute and reprint the works (including but not limited to publishing rights, reproduction rights, compilation rights, modification rights, translation rights, adaptation rights, information network transmission rights, and re-authorization rights). Please read and follow the relevant rules and instructions carefully when uses the Mnovel. Once the work is published on Mnovel, it is deemed that you have automatically granted the aforementioned authorization to Mnovel without the need to issue another authorization document.

2. By accepting the Protocol for Author Registration and Novels Upload, you agree to authorize Mnovel to publish, upload, download, copy, typeset, compile and promote your work. Mnovel has the right to authorize third-party cooperation agencies to obtain your work without notifying you in advance.

3. In order to copy, publish, distribute, translate or compile your work, Mnovel has the right to sub-authorize your authorization to affiliates of Mnovel without prior notice to you.

4.Mnovel staff have the right to review your works and have the right to modify the words other texts related to the works that do not comply with laws and regulations, the management regulations of Mnovel; pictures, sounds and images. Mnovel makes every effort to ensure the original intention of the works. You understand and agree that Mnovel does not need to notify you in advance and assumes no legal responsibility for this.

IV. Disclaimer

1. Mnovel has the right to restrict all activities of the author who has harmed the interests of this website. The author agrees to protect and safeguard the interests of Mnovel. If the author violates relevant laws, regulations or any clause under this agreement and causes losses to Mnovel, the author agrees to bear liability for damages caused thereby.

2. Mnovel does not guarantee the security of the manuscripts included in the works.

3. The author is responsible for his own responsibility. Any texts and pictures of the author and his published contents do not represent the views of this website.

4. Comments are scores and comments made by users after reading the author's works, and do not represent the views of this website. Therefore, in addition to personal attacks, this website does not prohibit users from criticizing the works.

5.Mnovel will work hard to ensure the integrity of the serialized work, but if the serialization of the works cannot be continued due to the author or other reasons beyond the control of the Mnovel, Mnovel will not bear any responsibility to the author.

6. If any clause in this protocol is completely or partially invalid or not enforceable for whatever reason, the remaining clauses of this protocol shall remain valid and binding.

7.Mnovel has the right not to publish works that contain or are suspected of containing contents prohibited from publication in this protocol, or to unconditionally delete uploaded works without notice. The resulting losses shall be borne by the author.

V. Author responsibilities

1. If the use of Mnovel violates the relevant laws and regulations, the author himself shall bear the responsibility.

2. The legal responsibility for publishing or uploading works that contain illegal contents or works that violate social moral ethics and with strong political color shall be borne by the author. If the website is lost due to the above reasons, the author shall also pay compensation.

3. If the infringement of others’ copyright causes any third party damage, the infringer shall bear the responsibility independently and the website do not bear any responsibilities. If the website suffers losses as a result, the infringer shall also pay compensation.

The final interpretation of the above terms belongs to Mnovel! Your application to become the author Mnovel means that you have agreed to the terms of the agreement.