Privacy Policy

1. The user agrees that the personal privacy information refers to the information that can identify the user or involve personal communication, including the following information: the user's real name, ID number, mobile phone number, ip address. Non-personal privacy information refers to some basic recorded information that clearly and objectively reflects the operation status and operating habits of users to the service, as well as all other general information in spite of personal privacy information and the above privacy information that the user agrees to disclose;

2. Protecting the privacy of users (especially minors) is a basic policy of Mnovel. Mnovel will strictly manage and protect the information provided by users, imply corresponding technology to prevent the loss, embezzlement or tampering of the user's personal data, and guarantee that the registration data of a single user and the non-public content of the user stored in Mnovel when using the network service are not made public or provided to a third party, except in the following cases:

2.1 having obtained the explicit authorization of the user in advance;

2.2 in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations;

2.3 in accordance with the requirements of the relevant competent government departments;

2.4 in order to safeguard the interests of the public;

2.5 in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Mnovel.

3.In order to ensure the realization of Mnovel related functions and the safe and stable operation of the application, we may access the software development kit (sdk) provided by a third party for related purposes. We will conduct strict security monitoring on the software tool development kit (sdk) used by our partners to obtain information to protect data security. The relevant third-party SDKs we access are listed in the catalog.

Third-party sdk directory

3.1 Facebook sdk

Purpose of use: app promotion

Privacy Policy Link:

3.2 Udesk sdk

Purpose of use: online customer service

Personal information fields: device model, system version number, network status, operator

3.3 Ali Cloud sdk

Purpose of use: message push

Personal information field: To register the uniqueness of the device, you need to obtain the device information reporting authority, which is used to collect the unique identification information of the mobile phone and the system version, system type, and mobile phone model.

4.User login

When you are logging in, we will collect the information stored in your account(usually your nickname, email address and password of the account) and regard them as your personal information. The log information maybe include but isn't limited to your Internet agreement, address, browser type, browser language, checking date, time and cookie data. If you log in Mnovel with social network credentials (such as account in the third party), we will ask for your permission to visit basic information with this account, such as your name and email address. Moreover, you can stop sharing with us the information by deleting the permission of Mnovel to visit this account at any time. When you don't log in our services, we will use the only identifier related to the application and device that you are using to store the information that we have collected.

5.User data management

Maybe you need to fill in some necessary information in the process of registering an account or using the service. But generally speaking, we only keep your personal information within a shortest period which is necessary to achieve the goal. When our product or service doesn't work, we will inform you with a notice or announcement and delete your personal information in a reasonable time limit. If you want to apply to delete the personal data, please contact our official customer service personnel ([My]-[Customer Service]),or contact us with the email address of We will reasonably delete your personal information in compliance according to your request.If you take the initiative to cancel your account, we will delete or anonymize your personal information, except in the following circumstances: comply with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations; For financial, auditing, dispute resolution and other purposes, reasonable extension of time is required.

6. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us via email at any time. We will make every effort to solve the problem you raised immediately within reasonable and appropriate extent.

Intellectual Property Right

1. All intellectual property rights of Mnovel, as well as all information related to Mnovel, including, but not limited to, texts and their combinations, icons, graphics, colors, interface design, layout frames, related data, extra code, printed materials or electronic documents, etc., are owned by Mnovel, and be protected by Copyright Law, International Copyright Treaties, and other intellectual property laws and regulations.

2. The user is not allowed to implement, utilize or transfer the above intellectual property rights, or allow any third party to implement, utilize or transfer the above intellectual property rights for the purpose of making profits or not, of the above intellectual property rights without the written consent of Mnovel. Mnovel reserves the right to pursue the above unauthorized acts.

3. Reverse engineering, decompiling and disassembly are prohibited: users shall not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble this software product, and shall not alter or compilate any resources within the program file. The user must abide by the restrictions of this agreement, except as expressly permitted by laws and regulations to allow the above activities.

4. Component segmentation: this software product is licensed as a whole product, and the user shall not use each part separately for any purpose.

5. Individual authorization: whoever need to carry out commercial sales, reproduction, distribution, including, but not limited to, software sales, preinstallation, bundling, etc. must obtain written authorization and license from Mnovel.

6. Reserved rights: all other rights not expressly authorized by this Agreement shall remain the property of Mnovel. The user must obtain the written consent of Mnovel when using other rights.

7. The content of books provided by Mnovel only represents the author's own position and point of view, which has nothing to do with Mnovel, and the author himself bears all legal responsibility.